The Oakleigh Centre's mission is to provide a range of specialised and innovative support services which enhance the quality of life for people with primarily an intellectual disability and their families. An integral part of the enhancement of quality of life is the encouragement to achieve maximum independence as active members of the community

We have been providing services to people with an intellectual disability since 1950. Today the Oakleigh Centre provides services to over 500 adults in the areas of employment, recreation, residential and day services.

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Check out our news:Accommodation Redevelopment
The Victorian Government has partnered with the Oakleigh Centre for Intellectually Disabled Citizens (the Oakleigh Centre) to redevelop the Allen Street congregate care service and build up to five new supported accommodation homes to be located in Oakleigh and surrounding areas for residents.
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The Oakleigh Centre is located at 773 Warrigal Rd, Oakleigh, Victoria 3166
For general enquiries about any of our services, call 03 9569 0603 or
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Employment Opportunities for the intellectually disabled

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